Looking For A Great Example Of Descriptive Essay

When writing a descriptive essay, you should appeal to all five of your readers’ senses and create a vivid picture in their minds. This requirement is quite a challenge if you cannot call yourself a man of imagination. Fortunately, you can always refer to great examples of descriptive writing for inspiration. Use the following advice to get the necessary samples.

Where to Look for the Descriptive Essay Examples

  • Professional writing services.
  • Browse the websites of custom writing companies in search of quality descriptive papers. Even though the services of such companies are paid, the samples of different essay types are provided for free. The quality of such pieces is usually very high since they are used to attract new customers. For example, you can turn to this online resource to get an idea of what proper descriptive papers should look like.

  • University websites.
  • Visit the site of your institution and search for all available materials on academic writing. You’ll find not only useful guidelines and recommendations but also good examples of different essays, including descriptive pieces.

  • Online databases.
  • Students share their past pieces of writing in the places like these. As a rule, you shouldn’t pay to view the samples but you may be asked to upload your own work in return. Be attentive when picking the sample since no one checks the quality of available papers and some of them are really poorly written.

  • Forums.
  • Ask for help on any student forum. Descriptive essays are quite common assignments for English classes and your peers must have taken the similar challenges before. Perhaps, some of them will agree to share their achievements or prompt you any helpful online resources with the necessary materials.

  • Textbooks and tutorials on academic writing.
  • Check the section on descriptive writing. It should contain both theoretical explanations and good examples to demonstrate the rules.

Additional Tips

  • Know requirements.

    First and foremost, you should clearly know what you are searching for. Learn what features should a good descriptive essay possess and what structure it should follow. Check your teacher’s requirements and general recommendations to understand what things you should avoid and what goals you should accomplish.

  • Try different options.

    Don’t limit yourself with only one successful paper you come across. The more examples you read, the more great ideas on how to express your thoughts you’ll come up with.

Good examples of descriptive essays will help you choose the right words and properly organize your work. Use the aforementioned ideas to get the best samples and cope with your writing assignment with ease.

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