A List Of Well-Thought Out Essay Topics On Democracy

In light of the events that have been happening all over the world, the word democracy is coming up in the news and discussions all the time. Democracy means that people have some rights and responsibilities. The citizens of a democratic country are not ruled strictly by a feudal government. The citizens have more right and more expressions and free will. In many places of the world, even now democracy doesn't exist. Democracy has become a very contemporary and important issue. It is not unusual if you wish to write or have been assigned to write my essay on democracy. Some essay topics to write on this subject has been this given.

  1. Trace the roots of democracy from when it had first come to existence. Emulate on the doctrines that had been charted by the governing body or intellects of that era about the idea of democracy. 
  2. Analyze what has the modern economically stable governments taken from the original concepts of democracy, as framed by the council of Athens. How far the ideas of democracy that we had today are are removed from the initial chartered principles of democracy.
  3. Attempt to show through your essay a contrast and comparison, if available, of the various basic principles that are implemented in an autocratic state and democratic state.
  4. Show the ways in which the kind of democratic principles practices by a government in a metropolitan have some direct or indirect effect on the ways in which the citizens carry out their behavior and attitudes politically.
  5. Trams national private governments also have the responsibility of being democratic on nature. In this context provide a brief analysis of how the United Nations acts as a Trans-national private government and implement various democratic policies all over the world.
  6. A lot of experiments go on sometimes online, sometimes in secret about various types of governance. Just like democracy evolved from autocratic governments, similarly lots of types of experiments are being made to find better ways of governance. Discuss how the experiments are because they wish to be more democratic in their nature. 
  7. Freedom of press is one of the primary essences of democracy. Take one country as an example, emulate on their principles of democracy and what rules it has when it to comes to the press. 
  8. What according to you would be an ideal democratic state? What would be the principles governing such a state? Give examples to show that the principles will be functional in that state.

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