What To Write In A High School Essay About Love For Friends

High-school students choose their friends for the varied qualities each has to offer, and the number might not be limited to just one or two. On the other hand, there might be other students who are close to just a selected few, but might find it difficult to write about them. Ideally, your essay should consist of the beauty of the bond, the need for friends, the friends you have and how fortunate you are to have them with you. Read on to know more about how a personal essay such as this should be attempted.

  1. Introduce the essay with your definition of friendship
  2. Everybody has a different idea of friendship, and yours is unique as well. Start by talking about why you think friendship is a relationship to be cherished, and what you think are the perfect elements of a long-lasting bond. Just because you’re friends with someone does not mean that you will share the exact values, interests or dislikes as they do. Talk about the virtues of a good friend, and then move on to talk about your own friends.

  3. Talk about your own friends
  4. This being the body of our essay, think of the qualities your friends have and work them into your essay. Unless it is necessary, there is no need to mention names as such. Friendship does not simply consist of happy days and parties, but it also calls for the support of your buddies in times of need. Write about memorable moments you have shared with your friends, and similarly mention the occasions when your friends stuck by you in adversities.

  5. Most importantly, say how they have inspired you
  6. True friendship not only makes our life beautiful, but it also changes our lives in many ways. Good friends always teach you something, and you need to talk about them as well, as how they have made you a better person. What are the qualities you would wish to incorporate in your life, and what others would you want them to change is what you can include in the later section of the essay.

  7. Conclude the essay by declaring your love
  8. Writing an essay is the perfect opportunity to tell your friends how much you love and you assure of your friendship as well. Be sure to use appropriate language and avoid using formal vocabulary as this is a personal essay. At the end, simply close the essay by expressing your gratitude for your friends and a promise to remain friends forever.

Though the nature of such an essay is a very personal one and needs emotions to write one, one can do a good job of it as long as they are sure of their feelings for the friends.

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