Starting A Narrative Essay: 10 Helpful Suggestions

Whenever you need to write a narrative essay but you do not have an idea of where to start your paper, there is the possibility that you can get immediate help from so many sources. Everyone who has asked for help has always been able to get it, so there is no reason for you to be worried. The following are some useful suggestions that can help you make the first step towards earning awesome marks from this task:

  • Research on the content

  • Prepare for your narrative

  • Choose a good title

  • Write the introduction

  • Bring in the thesis statement

  • Skip all the slow parts

  • Personalize the story

  • Pay attention to the human element

  • Use a realistic story pattern

  • Do not overly emphasize the moral of the story

Research on the content

Before you start working on the paper, it is important that you spend as much time as you can getting your research work done. This will allow you to get enough information to write the task.

Prepare for your narrative

Preparation for this paper should be adequate, just as much as you would if you were to tell the story in front of the entire class. Be ready for anything.

Choose a good title

A good title will always earn you more points. This is because you are in a good position to capture the imagination and attention of the audience with it.

Write the introduction

How you introduce your paper makes a lot of sense. If you do a good introduction, you have a good chance of earning better grades than someone who doesn’t.

Bring in the thesis statement

For the introduction, make sure you write an appropriate thesis statement for this provides a sense of direction for your paper.

Skip all the slow parts

Do not spend a lot of time writing about the slow parts of your narrative. As a matter of fact, try and skip them altogether.

Personalize the story

Try and personalize your story. Make sure that whoever is reading the story can see things from your perspective.

Pay attention to the human element

Do not ignore the human factor of a narrative. This is important to help you make your story more humane, and applicable.

Use a realistic story pattern

There should be a realistic pattern to your story. Do not jump from one section to the other as if you were writing a story for a movie.

Do not overly emphasize the moral of the story

Each and every story has its own moral at the end. However, you should not overly emphasize this because it will be akin to leading your audience.


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