A Collection Of 14 Most Challenging Narrative Essay Topics

Narrative essays are highly important in the process of education, as you’re describing your own experience and have an opportunity not only to get an excellent grade, but to understand yourself better. Writing about how you became aware of something or changed your worldview is good for your studies and interesting for yourself.

14 Most Challenging Topics for Your Narrative Essay

You may choose one of the following topics or narrow it down.

  1. My most memorable trip.
  2. The year 2050: who will I be?
  3. My secret talent.
  4. The most difficult thing I’ve ever done.
  5. 3 things I can’t live without.
  6. When I was a little child.
  7. The best news I’ve ever received.
  8. Something very important to me that disappeared.
  9. The greatest invention ever.
  10. If I could live in another century.
  11. My favorite secret place.
  12. My parents were right.
  13. If I were president.
  14. The earliest memory I got.

There are many more to suit you. The best topic is already in your head, and your task is to understand what experience you want to describe.

What Features Does a Good Narrative Essay Have?

There are some “don’ts” for your narrative essay to be flawless.

If you’re writing essay about your experience, don’t describe every detail, like “I was watching that program on TV on Monday when I didn’t go to school and…”. This will distract your reader from the main idea of your writing.

Complex syntax and words may show you’re very smart, but it won’t make your writing look complex. Avoid complicated things, try to describe events in a simple manner.

Narrative type of writing is aimed on your describing your own experience, and the best way to show that you’re talking about your life is using the first-person narrative. Tip: it’s alright to write in a present tense, though.

You’ll bore your reader. Use the same speech you would use in speech. In most cases slang and modern idioms are allowed for such pieces of writing.

  • Don’t describe every action of yours.
  • Don’t make the work too complicated.
  • Don’t use the second-person narrative.
  • Don’t use lots of cliché phrases.

The combination of a challenging and interesting topic and the pieces of advice mentioned above will make your narrative piece of writing highly entertaining and easy to read. Make sure you enjoy composing it, too.

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