Little-Known Ways To Find Good Argumentative Essay Examples

An argumentative essay requires students research a topic, pick and evaluate evidence, and develop a position on the subject. This piece of writing usually involves pre-writing and lengthy investigation of published materials and statistics. To prepare a strong paper, it’s a good idea to find a high-quality example, study it carefully, note important nuances, and keep them in mind while you are working on your assignment.

Where to Get a Well-Written Example of an Argumentative Essay

To understand how to set your draft correctly, study a few well-composed examples that you can easily find by using little-known ways below:

  1. Get a formatting guide.
  2. Most formatting guides contain a few examples, along with useful guidelines on how to structure and format your assignment. You can look for one in your school’s library, in a writing center, or online.

  3. Visit a website for professional writers.
  4. An argumentative essay is a popular kind of writing, so you can find simple tips and great advice on websites for professional writers. There, you will also find examples of their works, but remember that academic writing slightly differs from the literature style.

  5. Check online presentations.
  6. On the Web, there are plenty of presentations about how to create a perfect academic paper. Most of them contain basic rules, important nuances, accurate examples, and a list of do’s and don’ts that you should study mindfully.

  7. Use your image search engine.
  8. You can find images using your search engine, some of them will actually contain pieces of academic writing. It doesn’t matter why, but some students and professional writers share samples of their works in an image format, so use this option to obtain more samples.

How a Strong Argumentative Paper Should Look Like

Having a proper structure is especially important for an argumentative essay, so you should bear this in mind when you are looking for an example to pay close attention to. Your argument, supporting points, and evidence are held together by the following:

  • A thesis statement is concise and well-defined; it occurs in the paper’s introduction.

  • Effective transitions ensure the logical development of the thesis and integrate together the introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion.

  • Each body paragraph presents a particular idea supported by the evidence.

  • Different evidential support is used in the paper, such as facts, logical reasoning, statistics, and expert opinions.

  • A conclusion actually finishes the work and restates the thesis in light of the supportive details provided.


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