Instructions On How To Create A 3rd Grade Expository Essay

Though different types of essays may appear similar, there are distinguishing features that need your attention when doing expository writing. The features make an expository paper unique to ensure that you meet the requirements set by the teacher. Here is a simple way to complete a 3rd grade expository essay.

  • Choose a Good Topic
  • There are ordinary topics and excellent topics in writing. Only an excellent topic will add value to your paper. The choice you make for a topic further determines the ease with which you will complete your writing. To get a good topic for your paper, ensure that it meets the following conditions.

    • Unique- it should stand out from other topics you have seen on the subject
    • Fresh- the topic should not be a repetition of what has been studied over and over
    • Specific- your topic must capture the issues that will be discussed in the paper to ensure that the expectations of the reader are met
    • Captivating- your topic must arouse curiosity in the reader to enable the reader to peruse through the rest of the paper
  • Research or Brainstorm on the Topic
  • Whether you research or brainstorm depends on the amount of time available and the expected length. It is necessary to read further with the aim of familiarizing yourself with the content you will be writing on. It also enables you to get concrete points to support your topic or point of view. In case your time is limited, brainstorm on the points you think will help you make an acceptable defense of your position.

  • Create an Outline
  • An outline helps you to develop an idea of the entire paper. It shows the points you will use and their position in the paper. You can easily identify the content that will form your introduction, body and conclusion. With an outline, you are ready to compile the work.

  • Write
  • Since you have gathered all the points you need to create your essay, it is time to write. Ensure that the content of the body paragraphs is well aligned with your stand in the topic and introduction. The conclusion summarizes your position based on facts presented in the body.

  • Edit
  • Editing helps to eliminate typos and grammatical errors from your paper. Such mistakes mislead the reader by distorting arguments or creating new meanings. Editing will clean your work and make it acceptable such that it attracts the highest grade.


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