A List Of The Most Intriguing Argument Essay Topics For High School

High school can be the most memorable and educational time of a person’s life, both academically and otherwise. During these years, most students are undergoing many changes, as they grow and discover themselves. It is during these years than many great writers are born, writers that develop their skills as a child, waiting only to be discovered.

Writing an essay can be fun, using your imagination, as well as your experiences, one can go just about anywhere they please. Many writers have done this, granting a readers a gift that money could never buy. As you write, you may have some difficulties choosing a topic. Consider this list of intriguing argument essay topics for high school:

  1. Why must we be forced to conform to one system of education, that is formal schooling?

  2. Do we not have the right to experience many different forms of education and expression?

  3. Inter-sexuality should become a commonly accepted sexual orientation to help these persons better integrate into society.

  4. Animal research is the worse thing human beings have ever done and we should be ashamed.

  5. Cigarette smoking is a person’s choice and it should not be banned.

  6. Marijuana could be the next medicinal miracle.

  7. We live in a throw away society that does not care about the planet we inhabit.

  8. Reason why the government should be allowed to influence our diet.

  9. The children of today are very different than the ones of 50 years ago.

  10. CEOs are paid way too much for how much work they actually do.

  11. Students should have free access to condoms to help prevent young pregnancies in schools.

  12. Religion is the major cause of wars waged all over the planet and should be abolished as a social practice.

  13. The government should be the ones responsible for health care or they should not be allowed to tax us.

  14. Girls are the meaner sex and this is evident in the way they treat other girls.

  15. Boredom is the main cause of teenage delinquency.

  16. Homework should be regulated by governments to make sure that students are allowed enough free time of their own.

  17. Fashion is not as important as society tries to make it seem.

  18. The cost of college is way to high, students should not be expected to have this much money before they become qualified to hold a job.


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