How Do You Compose A Top Notch Contrast And Compare Essay

First, one should understand what a contrast and compare essay is – it’s a piece of writing, the primary objective of which is to compare and to contrast, i.e. to investigate the similarities and differences of the given points.

Basic Tips for Writing Your Contrast and Compare Essay

In order to be successful at writing such a paper, you need to keep in mind certain recommendations. The following eight basic and essential rules may be useful for you when writing a contrast and compare essay:

Choose your topic carefully.

Of course, there is quite an endless choice of items to write about – anything from hobbies or pets, to burning social issues. However, your items of comparison and contrast must belong to one and the same category, for instance, you shouldn’t compare Halloween to doing yoga or public schools to diets. So make a well-considered selection, and get excited about your own topic.

Pay attention to details.

Try to change your perspective of everyday objects or issues and start thinking out of the box. You may never have thought about this common object in this way before, but now you need to consider it from a new angle and look for some similar and different features, which may be quite challenging.

Stick to the structure.

Consider each point individually and put it together into a coherent and understandable paper. Adhering to the pattern is always the key to sucсessful writing. In the case of compare and contrast essays, you should start with a general idea, support it with details and finish with the conclusion.

Keep your readers in mind.

Your topic should be interesting, valuable and important to your future audience.

Begin with an exact definition of the subjects or phenomena under analysis.

These subjects should be thoroughly investigated and only the relevant facts should be used.

Make extensive use of transitional words.

They will separate your items or conclusions from each other as well as smooth the flow of thought.

Remain objective.

You need to take a neutral position and judge both items from an impartial perspective. Your conclusions should be based on facts alone with your emotions put aside.

Mind academic writing requirements.

Pay close attention to the format and language. Make sure that together with following all the specific rules of this kind of assignment, you don’t make any grammatical, lexical or punctuation mistakes.


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