15 Great Descriptive Essay Topics For College And High School Students

The latter half of a students academic life usually contains courses and subject matter that may be increasingly difficult to conceptualize but this common occurrence can be easily rectified if the affected individuals were to follow some simple guidelines. Practicing burdensome coursework can be the single most effective tool any student can use to properly prepare a descriptive essay.

The list below contains fifteen excellent descriptive essay topics for college and high school student to practice on in order to grow closer to mastering this academic skill. Composing literary papers can also benefit the individual well after their school years within their respected work environment. With that said I would now reiterate the importance of essay writing.

  1. Describe a surreal experience that involves a day at a pristine waterfall, nearly untouched by mankind.

  2. Write a composition on your first day in high school or college.

  3. Prepare a superb paper on your days practicing to drive a manual vehicle.

  4. How does drugs affect the general student population of a school or nation nowadays?

  5. Can the steadily increase in violent crime in a nations public schools be curbed by a change in educational legislation?

  6. Describe the pros and cons of corporal punishment and determine if it is feasible in today’s society.

  7. How has racial and cultural segregation affected you throughout your life?

  8. Are there enough farms and food generating facilities to feed the entire world?

  9. How can mankind preserve the rain forests of South America without adversely affecting certain industries like sawmills and stationery manufacturers?

  10. There are numerous types of vehicles on the market. Discuss them in terms of most economical to least affordable.

  11. Communicate your experience moving from middle school to high school, or from high school to college. Were there any major differences in the way each level deals with coursework?

  12. Show the differences between the mentality of the children born in the nineties and the ones being born today.

  13. Highlight the processes that keep the petrodollar regime still in effect and discuss what might happen to America if they lose the title of reserve currency.

  14. What would happen when vaccinations and antibiotics lose their ability to effectively deal with the ever changing strains of pathogens?

  15. Can there be measures to curb or negate any actions that students engage in that could be classed as bullying? If so, would preexisting legislative laws be broken?

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