Workshops From $25!



Thursday Evenings Until 9 pm & Saturday Afternoons from 1-4 pm.

Doors, Floors, Chairs, Stairs, Beds,Tables, Shelving, Alternative Storage Solutions, Lighting, Home & Garden Decor, Room Dividers, Clocks, Wall Art, Image Transfer, Papier Mache, Decoupage, Special Paint Techniques, Furniture Painting, Glass cutting, Metal Work, Jewelry RE-Design and more…
Custom Re-purposing Classes also available. And of course, there will be a scavenger hunt list for some workshops!

Materials we’ll be using include ( in no particular order) :
Wooden Chairs,  old lamps, pennies, pallets, t shirts, sweaters, glassware, spindles, dressers, tables, china dinnerware, jewelry bits, inner tubes, piano parts, clock parts, projector slide equipment, old typewriters, scrabble boards, monopoly games, comic books, mirror, vintage books, coffee sacks, metal kitchenware, cutlery, rope, newsprint, vegetables, headboards, picture frames, bed springs, glass bottles, old tools, fabrics, clocks…the list just goes on and on:)


To Book a Workshop, please call Humblepie~ 289 389 7208

The quickest way to ensure a spot is to pre-register via Paypal: